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Aloha Fellow Rotarians,
I trust you had an awesome holiday celebration with family and friends and you are now ready to get back to work with the remaining months of “Navigating to Change Lives.”  I want to mention a few things that are noteworthy and the first is about our District Membership standing in the zone ending November 2017.  
Per our Regional Membership Development Manager Nicole Jones, “District 5000 has experienced the highest net growth so far with a 3.33% net growth” which reflects an increase of  57 new members. However, we do know retention of members in December and June tend to drop as clubs are reviewing members that have stopped coming.  May I suggest finding ways to re-engage those who are thinking of leaving through projects, friendship, personal contact and restructuring club dues for financial support.  Reach out to them and ask if there is anything you can do.  Maybe that is all they need, someone who cares. 
I would like to give my heartfelt aloha and mahalo to those who participated in the “Ride So They Can Walk” Polio Plus fundraiser by riding their bikes to help raise awareness of this crippling disease AND those who chose to be creative in doing other fundraisers around the state.  I thank you and ask that you continue the fight to meet our District goal of raising  $300K.  I believe we can do it!
As you read our January Newsletter, you will find stories of fellow Rotarians sharing their vocational skills around our state.  Use this month to promote Vocational Service to friends and family by inviting them to join our organization.  The Kahauiki Village Transitional Housing project that Rotary partnered with the City & State is a good example of volunteers and businesses coming together for the one purpose of “service above self” and providing families who are working but can’t afford the housing market, a “second chance”.  To the countless clubs, Rotarians, family and friends, I thank you for supplying the units with household items, for painting, cleaning and giving of your time each week. The families moved in last month and you are part of that success story.  
The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay distributed their gifts to the department of human services, child welfare services. These gifts went to the children in foster care Who could not be with their loved ones during this holiday season. 95 children had smiles on their faces and so did all the elves who made it possible. 
We do this every year and I think we enjoy it even more than they do. Somebody bought 20 of the angels themselves. We all spent $40 on a gift for each one we give a bike to everyone who wants a bike. Someone donates them.      Story from Monica Oszust.
  Everyone has heard the old Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Rotary Districts 5000 and 2241 with the support of The Rotary Foundation, are taking that phrase to a whole new level by working to change the way complex cranio-facial pediatric medical procedures are being handled in Romania.
  The change began when Dr. Daniel Murariu, now a plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA, was doing his general surgery residency at the University of Hawai’i in Honolulu. He approached his local Club, RC Honolulu Sunset, with the idea that together they could make a transformative and sustaining difference in the lives of children in need throughout Eastern Europe.
  Dr. Murariu had been performing medical missions in Romania for years. He was inspired to help children who were suffering from the worst congenital cranio-facial deformities.
   “We would go to villages and have a team from the U.S. and one from Romania. Together we would work to provide specialty consultations to patients who couldn’t afford to go to the city,” said Dr. Murariu. “Over the years I met local plastic surgeons like Dr. Dragos Pieptu. We had several discussions about what the needs were in plastic surgery with the main one being pediatric cranio-facial malformations. These cases were not being treated to the same high standards as they would in the U.S."
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Ride So They Can Walk – biking event
State Wide Rides – We're on a roll. Keep going!
Help Rotary - End Polio Now
Rotarians, individual community members, biking groups and clubs riding bikes, and those on stationary bikes in health clubs and gyms are all riding in the support of eradicating polio. This ride is different in that no roads need be closed as everyone will ride on their own schedule and desired distance. Each rider will pay a $20.00 registration fee and will also have friends and family sponsor their ride with all those donations going to Rotary’s Polio Plus program. When Rotary started the campaign to eradicate polio in 1988 there were 350,000 cases a year in the world. As of the date of this writing there are 10 cases worldwide – 6 in Afghanistan and 4 in Pakistan. This isn’t good enough - Zero is the magic number.
   Each rider will receive a commemorative towel with the specially designed logo once they complete their ride and bring in a minimum of $100.00 in sponsor donations. Do even more by challenging another rider to see how many sponsor dollars you can bring in….
   Join in the fun by becoming a rider and/or sponsoring a rider to help Rotary End Polio Now.
Aloha, Charlene Yours in Rotary,
Charlene M. Meyers, PHF
Rotary Club of Hilo D5000 Polio Plus Chair 2015 - 2018
East Hawaii ADG 2011-13 & 2014-15
President 2008-09, Rotary Club of Volcano
Home: 808-985-8800 Cell: 808-937-2178 Email:
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2017-2018 D5000 International Service
D5000 Chair: Nancy Pace,
International Service fulfills Rotary’s mission of “advancing international understanding, goodwill and peace” throughout the world through the delivery of projects and programs in one of six focus areas:
0 Basic education and literacy
o Economic and community development
o Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
o Disease prevention and treatment
o Water and sanitation
Listed below are ways in which District 5000 Clubs and individuals may fulfill their International Service commitment along with individual resource guides for the 2017-18 Rotary year:
Hands on International projects
Participation in a Polio Plus National Immunization Day
Sister Club activities and visits
-Resource for all of the above: Nancy Pace,
-Club participation in Global Grants: Resource: Mark Harbison,
-Youth Exchange Programs: Resource: Joanne Laird:
-Rotary Action Groups:
-Rotary Fellowships:
-Donation to Rotary International Polio eradication efforts:
-Project Fairs:
-Attend the Rotary International Convention, June 23-27, Toronto, Canada
NOTE: Please submit any international service project(s) or grant(s) that your club is involved in this year so that we may post them on this website as a resource for other clubs. Send to: Nancy Pace,
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2017-2018 Membership Goal Progress
Goal of 1900 members. As of 11/30/17, 1774 members or 93.4% of goal.
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