Join Us in Hilo
Your DISCON 2023: Hilo Planning Committee
DISCON 2023 Co-Chairs
  • Lori Williams (Rotary Club of Windward Oahu)
  • Jen Tanouye (Rotary Club Hilo)
DISCON Treasurer
  • Dee Scott (Rotary Club of Hilo)
DISCON Registration Chair
  • Konrad Ikei (Rotary Club of Ala Moana)
DISCON Golf Tournament Chair
  • Doug Adams (Rotary Club of South Hilo)
DISCON Volunteer Chair
  • Alan Kusunoki (Rotary Club of Hilo)
DISCON Program Book Chair
  • Sonya Mendez (Rotary Club of West Honolulu)
DISCON Sponsorship Chair
  • Nancy Cabral (Rotary Club of Hilo)