Starts 9am February 25. Ends 1pm February 27, 2022 -  Los Angles Airport Marriott
Learning Plan link for the Learning Center Dashboard  CLICK HERE
Registration $720 October-December, $820 January-February, 2022
Southwest Rotary PETS provides the necessary training needed for incoming Rotary club presidents to not only lead, but succeed. Southwest PETS is a multi-day course with general sessions and breakouts that give attendees new tools, and help build connections with other Rotary leaders. Attendance is mandatory for club presidents-elect in Districts 5240, 5280, 5300, 5320, 5330, 5340, and 5500. In 2022, we will also be welcoming District 5000 from Hawaii to the Southwest PETS family. Incoming club presidents from outside districts, as well as district leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend this virtual training program. 
PE PETS Pre-Work and Meeting Schedule
August 11, Wed, 6pm.  President Elect Zoom Training - Zoom Recording:
September 8. Wed, 6pm PE Zoom Recording:
September 1 – 11.      Membership – Rotary Learning Center
  •               Strategies for Attracting New Members. (1 hr 15 min)
  •               Best Practices for Engaging Members. (45 min)
Assignment- Know Your Club:  September 12 – 25
  1. Find your club’s membership data on (Number joined, number terminated, totals, age, gender) for the previous three years.
  2. List any membership programs your club has implemented over the last three years.
October 4, Monday, 6pm PE Zoom Recording link:
October 1 – 16             Branding – Rotary Learning Center
  • Building Rotary’s Public Image  (15 min)
  • Club Public Image Committee Basics  (1 hr 15 min)
       Assignment Know Your Club:  October 12 - 25
       Go to, Brand Center, Select “Learn More”  & Download “Messaging Guide”
  1. What do you feel is the most important concept for the success of your club?
  2. Using the guidelines in the Messaging Guide, create a message for your club that will build community recognition.
  3. Use the Messaging Checklist to evaluate a recent FaceBook post or press release from your club and note how it can be improved.
November 1, Monday, 6pm-PE Zoom  Recording:  
November 1 – 15        Rotary Foundation – Rotary Learning Center
  • Rotary Foundation Basics  (45 min)
  • Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basics  (2 hrs 15 min)
        Assignment  Know Your Club:  November 15 - 20
  1. Go to and gather your club’s Foundation data (Club Foundation Goals, $$ raised Annual Fund and Polio, the number of Paul Harris Fellows for the previous three years, Number of Bequest Society members /benefactors)
  2. List your club’s Foundation fundraisers.
January 3, Monday, 6pm – PE Zoom
February 12, 9am-Noon Virtual Pre-PETS
February 25 – 27, 2022    SOUTHWEST ROTARY PETS
March 19, Saturday, 9-11am-Virtual Vibrant Club Workshop
March 26, Saturday, 9-11am-Transition Training
April 2, Saturday, 9-Noon, District Training Assembly
April 9, Saturday, 9-Noon, District Training Assembly
May 9, Monday, 6pm PE Zoom
May 20-22- District Conference Oahu
June 13, Monday, 6pm PE Zoom