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Join Our Club Membership Success Module on your ClubRunner website:
Are you interested in the Membership success module?  This full membership inquiry form on the website from a prospective member, will allow you to also keep track of your prospective members as well as keep them engaged through automated emails. For more information about the membership success module, please see the following resources:

These were made before the launch of the module.  The modules are available now.
Membership success introduction -
Membership Success webinar -

If you missed the ClubRunner webinar, below is the link to the Recorded webinar video:


Aloha D5000 Rotarians,

The powerpoints from past Pre-PETs, PETS and Assemblies are posted on the left.  More PE information at the Far West PETS website: and more info for PEs at (click on "Resource"). 

District Calendar on the left:


Thank you for your commitment!

Naomi Masuno 808-492-0126,