Inbound Student Insurance
All Inbound students coming to Hawaii are required to have medical insurance which must be purchased before they leave their country of origin. SCANEX uses CISI Bolduc as their official insurance carrier.  Here is the website: .
When the student goes to the above link he/she will need to choose a plan and register with the company. Follow this link to see the different plan options: . SCANEX requires Inbound students to choose only Plan B. None of the other plans (A, C) are acceptable.  
The student should have all the paperwork for their visa done, their interview with the embassy completed and the visa process finished before applying for insurance. The reason for this is that sometimes the visa process is lengthy or delayed so that their actual departure date is unknown until the process is actually complete. And the student cannot begin to file the insurance application until the departure date for their exchange is known.
That means that the student will also need to be communicating with the Host club in Hawaii to find out when school begins and then plan to arrive 7-10 days before that time. Once that date is known, the insurance application process can be started. 
Once the student and parents begin the application process they must continue until the process is completely finished. If the student and parents are ready to begin the process, then click on the ENROLL NOW button and follow the instructions and steps until completion. 
 If you are having any difficulties with the online enrollment, please contact Ted Cenatiempo at CISI by email at or by phone +1-203-399-5596