It is usual that the club YEO approaches the school to deal with registration procedures. The first Host family must live within the school district. If the second or third family lives outside the district it is not difficult to obtain an exemption.
     Each public school seems to have slightly different registration requirements. Here for example is a list of requirements for Waiakea High School in Hilo, Hawaii:
     1.  Transcript and/or current report card - The club can give a copy of the student's application which will have all of the medical and transcript information needed. This goes to the school registrar. This transfer can be done electronically or as a paper copy.
     2.  Proofs of residence address of Host parent (any two of the following)
          Most current utility bill;  tenant/lease agreement;  Bill statements mailed to the house;  If living w/a relative or friend,      notarized residence verification form.
     3.  Caregiver (Host parent) affidavit form or Power of Attorney if living away from custodial parent or legal guardian. I recommend that the Power of Attorney form be used. I also recommend that the club YEO be the legal guardian and the the Host family be the school contact persons. Print out the Power of Attorney, fill in the spaces necessary and have the form notarized. Give the original to the school and keep a copy for the club.
     4.  Birth certificate or passport
     5.  TB clearance and a physical exam within 12 months, performed and signed by a U.S. physician, APRN, PA or DOH (HI Revised Statutes, HI Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-157).
     These requirements are sometimes listed on the school website but it is usually easier to obtain the information directly from the registrar. Contacting the registrar should be done at the earliest possible time, preferably before school ends in the spring.
     The student should arrive 7-10 days before school starts because - as noted above - the school will require a physical, a TB clearance check and fill in any missing shots that the school needs. TB examinations are two days apart and usually on Mondays and Wednesdays in Hilo. Best to check locally when these pairs of examinations are so that you can advise the student for best travel plans.
      It's entirely likely that the school nurse won't have the health record even though the registrar does, so the YEO should plan on giving a copy to him/her. The same may also be true for the student's advisor but in this case the student's school transcript will be needed.
     It will be a busy time that first week before school starts...