The YEAH (Youth Exchange Administration Hub) database is the creation of Al Kalter from the Florida Youth Exchange. YEAH is functional on two levels: the portal and the hub itself. The portal is the read-only view which is available upon request to District Governors, the District YEO, the Club YEO, the Club Counselors and the Club President. Each district or multi-district has its own version of YEAH. SCANEX is the multi-district Youth Exchange organization that Hawaii is a part of. SCANEX consists of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Hawaii.
The YEAH Portal Overview was written by Al Kalter for the Rotary Youth Exchange Florida but the general instructions still hold for SCANEX and Hawaii. It is somewhat outdated compared with the actual screen views but still very useful. There are four sections to the YEAH portal: Outbound, Inbound, Host Family and Directory. Those with access to the portal are encouraged to read the document, log on to the portal and browse around to see what's there.
Volunteers and Host Families now begin the process of vetting via the SCANEX & Rotary YES links. When these links for the Volunteer (which would include the club YEO and both Counselors) and the Host Family (which would include all family members over the age of 18) are initiated and the data filled in, they generate letters to references and a request for a background check. Once these are received and accepted by the District YEO, the process of actually receiving students can move forward.