The picturesque city of Hilo, Hawai'i, hosted the highly anticipated Hawai'i Rotary District 5000 Conference on May 19 through May 21, affectionately known as DISCON 2023 Hilo. Rotarians from across the state, representing all four islands, came together to commemorate their individual and collective achievements during the Rotary year 2022-23.
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With a range of engaging sessions, inspiring speakers, and exciting activities, DISCON proved to be a celebration of leadership, fellowship, and community impact.
Recognition of Outstanding Leadership:
The recognition of outstanding leadership and contributions by Rotarians in their respective clubs and communities took center stage. This acknowledgment showcased the remarkable dedication and commitment exhibited by these individuals, inspiring others to make a positive difference in their own spheres of influence. (Click HERE for a list of club awards - COMING SOON!)
Enlightening General Sessions:
The general sessions of DISCON were graced by remarkable speakers who captivated the audience with their wisdom and insights. One such speaker was Bev Reed, Rotary International President's Representative, who shared a powerful message from Rotary International President Jennifer Jones. Reed's enthusiasm for statistics and numbers highlighted the remarkable accomplishments and progress of the Hawai'i Rotary District, inspiring Rotarians to continue their impactful work.
Informative and Engaging Breakout Sessions:
DISCON offered a plethora of breakout sessions that provided Rotarians with valuable knowledge and resources. These sessions covered a wide array of topics, catering to the diverse interests and needs of the attendees such as a mental health initiative.
Celebrating Fellowship and Enjoyment:
Beyond the educational aspects, DISCON also fostered a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among Rotarians. The conference offered various recreational activities, including tours, a golf tournament, whisk(e)y tasting, wine drinking, and lively musical performances. The Friday night Kanikapila music by Brother Noland and the Saturday evening entertainment and dancing were particularly memorable, allowing Rotarians to unwind, connect with fellow members, and create lasting memories.
Acknowledging Sponsors and Donors:
DISCON 2023 Hilo would not have been possible without the generous support of sponsors, advertisers, and donors. The conference organizers extend their gratitude to these valuable partners, who played a pivotal role in bringing the event to fruition. Attendees are encouraged to visit our special page dedicated to expressing appreciation to the sponsors and contributors and to thank them for their unwavering support of the District Conference.
Preserving Memories:
To capture the essence of DISCON 2023 Hilo, a dedicated photo album has been created (link COMING SOON), featuring contributions from DISCON attendees and professional photographers. Rotarians can revisit the conference's highlights and cherish the shared experiences by regularly checking the album for new uploads.
Farewell DISCON 2023 Hilo
DISCON 2023 Hilo was a resounding success, bringing together Rotarians from across Hawai'i to celebrate their accomplishments, nurture fellowship, and inspire future action. The event's empowering sessions, engaging activities, and opportunities for networking exemplified the spirit of Rotary. As the conference concluded, attendees departed with renewed energy, armed with knowledge and connections to further enhance their commitment to service and make a positive impact in their communities.
Hello DISCON 2024 Kauai
DGE Mark Merriam had the opportunity of introducing his leadership team and reveal the next Hawai'i Rotary District 5000 Conference.  DISCON 2024 will be held on the island of Kauai on May 10 to 12, 2024, at the Kauai Beach Resort and Spa.  Click HERE for details and HERE to register.  The First Opportunity Registration Rate of $375.00 for the full three-day package ends today, May 22, 2023.  Early Bird Registration Rate of $399.00 begins on May 23, 2023.