Less than half of the global population has access to essential health services, according to the United Nations. Major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and high-conflict situations could reverse decades of improvement in preventing both communicable and noncommunicable diseases by decreasing access to health care professionals, facilities, and other services.
How Rotary takes action: Support continuing education and training for health care workers through scholarships, stipends, and public recognition; Improve the quality of existing services, taking an approach to health systems and infrastructure that involves people as partners in their own care; Support projects that expand access to affordable health care services to underserved communities. More than 10 Rotary Action Groups can help clubs and districts plan and implement activities to address a wide range of diseases such as malaria, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Join an Action Group today : https://my.rotary.org/en/take-action/empower-leaders/rotary-action-groups