Aloha Fellow Rotarians,
I trust you had an awesome holiday celebration with family and friends and you are now ready to get back to work with the remaining months of “Navigating to Change Lives.”  I want to mention a few things that are noteworthy and the first is about our District Membership standing in the zone ending November 2017.  
Per our Regional Membership Development Manager Nicole Jones, “District 5000 has experienced the highest net growth so far with a 3.33% net growth” which reflects an increase of  57 new members. However, we do know retention of members in December and June tend to drop as clubs are reviewing members that have stopped coming.  May I suggest finding ways to re-engage those who are thinking of leaving through projects, friendship, personal contact and restructuring club dues for financial support.  Reach out to them and ask if there is anything you can do.  Maybe that is all they need, someone who cares. 
I would like to give my heartfelt aloha and mahalo to those who participated in the “Ride So They Can Walk” Polio Plus fundraiser by riding their bikes to help raise awareness of this crippling disease AND those who chose to be creative in doing other fundraisers around the state.  I thank you and ask that you continue the fight to meet our District goal of raising  $300K.  I believe we can do it!
As you read our January Newsletter, you will find stories of fellow Rotarians sharing their vocational skills around our state.  Use this month to promote Vocational Service to friends and family by inviting them to join our organization.  The Kahauiki Village Transitional Housing project that Rotary partnered with the City & State is a good example of volunteers and businesses coming together for the one purpose of “service above self” and providing families who are working but can’t afford the housing market, a “second chance”.  To the countless clubs, Rotarians, family and friends, I thank you for supplying the units with household items, for painting, cleaning and giving of your time each week. The families moved in last month and you are part of that success story.