I am Peter Sterne of the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach and assistant to the International Service Chair, Craig Nishimoto. I have been working with my daughter, Betsy Benoit, Secretary of the Rotary Club of Warwick (RI) on a project for Ghana. Betsy is the American Director of Adanu, a charity in Ghana that has been going since 2002 and has had help from over 1600 volunteers. Betsy has prepared a couple of brochures which are attached about a trip to Ghana April 21-29 to the village Have-Fiakopoke in the Volta region of Ghana.
The project that Betsy wants to complete is a clean water project. There are 5 communities who send their children to school in his village, but there is no clean water there.   The cost of the project is $3000. So far, we have raised $2000.
If the entire $3,000 is raised, the cost, after airfare, to volunteer there for 8 days is $1000. Airfare is also up to the volunteer.
For more information about the trip or about making a contribution, contact: betsy@adanu.org
Here are two flyers for more information about the project!