D5000 Rotary webinar recordings are available for your viewing live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at rotary.org:  https://learn.rotary.org/members/learn/catalog
09/18/21Sat10:30-NoonSocial Media/Public Image 101
09/20/21Mon7-8 pmPresidents Training
09/25/21Sat9-10 amFoundation 201
09/27/21Mon5:30pmYouth Service Chairs
10/02/21Sat9-10:30 amBoard Training - Elections
10/04/21Mon6-7 pmPresident-Elect Training
10/09/21Sat10:30-NoonPolio Plus
10//9Sat1pmReconnect Week
10/11/21Mon7-8 pmClub Trainers
10/18/21Mon7-8 pmPresidents Training
10/24/21SunTBDWorld Polio Day
10/25/21Mon5:30pmYouth Service Chairs