"There's real power in local companies working together to reach and engage a local audience."  Your Reputation is Also Crucial "Giving your time and talent to our community will help to build your reputation," says Dave Erdman. "When I started my company, I was time-constrained and financially constrained, but I got involved in our industry and communities, immediately joining the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, the Metro and then Honolulu Sunrise RotaryRetail Merchants of Hawaii, and within a few years of starting my. company, became the chair for the local chapter of PATA, or the Pacific Asia Travel Association. I was on the board for the Hawaii Lupus Foundation and also my local homeowners association, all within the first five years of starting the company.
Thank you to District Vocational Co-Chairs, Bob Peterson and Robert Jackson for spearheading the Rotary Doing Business Directory on the District website with more than 175 Rotary businesses (thank you ManaMeans), for hosting the Rotary Marketplace on the 1st Tuesday of the month and for supporting small businesses.  We are also working a Rotary tabloid to go out to the entire state in May. If you are interested in advertising, contact Jay Higa at 808-529-4712,
Rotary Means Business District 5000 Fellowship
Rotary Means Business encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them, and by referring others to them.  Join the District 5000 Chapter #114 today: Rotary Means Business Fellowship – Connecting Rotarians in Business
Upcoming Webinars
Date and Time
Webinar Topic
Recommended Audience:
2/23, Tues, 5:30pm
Peace Focus Group
Interested Rotarians.
2/25, Thur, 6:30pm
Rotarians at Work Planning
Interested Rotarians.
2/26, Fri 4pm
Nepal Project Information
Interested Rotarians.
3/2, Tues 5:30pm
DEI Task Force
1st Tuesday
3/2, Tue 7pm
Rotary Marketplace
1st Tuesday
3/6, Sat 9am
Welcome to Rotary
Rotary Basics for all
3/9, Tues 5:30pm
Youth Service Chairs
2nd Tuesday
3/16, Tues 6pm
Environment D5000 Focus
3rd Tuesday
3/17, Wed 6pm
Young Professionals Network
3rd Tuesday
3/20, Sat 9-11am
Vibrant Club Workshop
Presidents, PE, Club Trainer, All
3/27, 4/10, 4/17 Sat
Spring Training Assembly
All Rotarians
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