People of Action!

Maui:*Checks totaling $2,350 on the behalf of Rotary Clubs of Maui, Lahaina Sunrise, and Kahului, following Darryl Ng's example were delivered to enabled the Maui Food Bank to purchase volumes of critical nutritional items.  This action enabled the Maui Food Bank to present Sysco with an unprecedented wish list and get a range of food from fresh to frozen. 

*Gary Albitz;s UHMC Advanced Business and Information Technology (ABIT) Class has taken up a special project to develop a database and website of Maui's food producers in order to create an automated Supply Chain from the food producers to the demand side of non-profit's needs.

*Lahaina Sunrise’s current project is dispensing $25 gift certificates to needy families in Lahaina. These are for Island Grocery so recipients can purchase what they need. 
Kauai: Correction on the last newsletter, AG Ted Faigle is a volunteer for Malama Kauai for the Kupuna Kare program.  He has been helping once a week to deliver fresh produce and is promoting the program and helping to recruit other volunteers on Kauai. The reference to Help is on the Way was in error. Apologies to Ted.
*The Hanalei Bay club prepared over 150 bags to pass out on the north shore of Kauai for the food pantry
The Rotary Club of Kauai donated the $400.00 District Covid19 *Relief Grant to the Kauai Independent Food Bank and they presented a check to the KIFB Executive Director, Kevin Moriz, at the club virtual club meeting. Kevin indicated that their requests for food support had skyrocketed, and that they were supporting over 17,000 Kauai families per week.
*Rotary Club of Poipu Beach is volunteering to deliver fresh produce to seniors during Covid19. Kupuna Kare program delivers every other week to 1200 homes.
Kona: *Due to school closures, the RC of Kona has modified their Meet N’ Eat program rather than closing it by providing take out lunches and a bag of groceries on Saturday’s at 2 schools – Kahakai Elementary and Kealakehe Intermediate. These drive through distributions are from 11:00am to 11:30am on Saturday’s. Secondly, Salvation Army’s food supply is quickly dwindling with the large increase of those needing meals. Salvation Army is providing take away dinners on Thursday and Saturdays and the numbers looking for food is increasing. They are also distributing a bag of groceries 2 days a week. The Food Basket can only provide a small amount of food to the Salvation Army, so we are raising funds and purchasing food through other sources to keep their pantry stocked. But, due to the high numbers in need, we only have enough funds for one month’s supply of food.  Third, some of the homeless are being sheltered and Rotarians are providing a bag of specific grocery items weekly to those being sheltered.
Oahu: *Honolulu Sunset is partnering with Hawaii Towards Zero to install hand washing stations outside of 2 supermarkets locations.  The Men's Shed will assist in install the sinks and the HS club is planning to distribute up to 2,000 surgical masks during the kupuna hour to those who don't have a mask. this will greatly prevent the disease from spreading. HS is also donating $1,500 to the Hawaii Food Bank to purchase food that is out of stock. They are also donating $1,500 to the Women in Need shelter for them to purchase food for these women that have lost their jobs and their children.
*Four of Rotary women, representing West Pearl Harbor and Kapolei clubs preparing 100 care boxes for senior citizen residents at Hale Mohalu in Pearl City. 
*Rotarians from Diamond Head, Metro and West Honolulu donated and assembled “entertainment kits” for the apartment complex that was just started for COVID -19 positive individuals that are homeless. 
*Sonya Mendez’s secret donor fan club helped her to provide care packages for another nonprofit provider who desperately needs emergency food for clients that are homeless, have mental issues or recovering from substance abuse. Their food panty was running out and asked if we can provide 5 boxes containing the following: canned food, Fruits, Cleaning supplies for their residence that they are moving into, Twin bed sheets and one large bath towel, Snacks, Toilet paper, Shampoo/bodywash, Wallet or lanyard ID holder, Spiral notebook/journal & 2 pens, Face masks.
*Dr. James Ham is volunteering at the H.O.M.E project as an attending physician.  The Homeless Outreach & Medical Education (H.O.M.E.) is a mobile free medical clinic started in 2005 that services homeless sites and shelter and is supported in part by the RC of Honolulu Sunset. 
*West Honolulu and Hickam-Pearl Harbor are donating to Farrington Complex schools' PROJECT HOPE (Help Our People Endure).  They are distributing 1,000 care packages of hygiene products and food to their neediest families
East Hawaii: *RC Hilo Bay has had 72 men hours of labor have been donated to the rice re-bagging project to support the Food Basket. They started this project in a kitchen that one of our members owns and now Hilo Daijingu generously offers the certified kitchen. They have processed about 8000 lb of rice so far. To keep social distancing, they minimize the number of Rotarians who work together. Individually packed 5 lb rice bags will be packaged along with other food items and distributed to people in need.

How You Can Help:

Kona: Volunteers are needed to help make sandwiches for the Saturday distributions and/or help hand out the lunches and a bag of groceries on site at the schools.
Volunteers are also needed to help box Salvation Army’s Saturday evening meal.
To volunteer for any of these – please email Linda Jane Kelley at –
If you cannot volunteer but wish to donate, please go to our website - and click on the Donate button.
Another option for Donating – the Girl Scout Cookie program allows you to purchase cookies and specify who you would like to donate them to. So you could donate them to the Rotary Club of Kona for use in the Meet N’ Eat food distributions or you can specify The Salvation Army Kona. To donate through them - The donation form is here
*If you are a healthcare practitioner, attorney or educator and would like to volunteer at a call center, Hawaii Towards Zero needs help.  Check them out at:  Honolulu Sunset's President, Dr. James Ham is a volunteer there.  Health Practitioners talk to callers about physical health symptoms related to the coronavirus, mental health concerns related to social isolation and/or other medical related complications that have arisen from the pandemic. Attorneys who are willing to provide Pro Bono legal advice to small business owners, tenants and/or staff workers affected by the pandemic. Educators offer their services and/or resources to isolated students. If you want to be trained to handle telehealth calls, take the class at
Check the Rotary Caremongering FaceBook pages for Kauai, Oahu and Maui for opportunities to assist.
Upcoming Polio Webinar
At 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday May 19 th Ernie Montagne from Oro Valley, Arizona will be the speaker. Montange’s presentation will
review past efforts and successes of Rotary International to eradicate polio worldwide. He will feature the Gates Foundation match of donations and will explain how Rotarians from across the world have been taking action to eradicate this disease forever. To quote Montagne: Polio is only a plane ride away.  There is no cure.  But it can be prevented with two drops of
vaccine”.  If a guest would like to join
this Virtual meeting, contact Past President Mariko Higashi
to be included on the invite list at
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May 08, 2020
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Spring Training Webinars
May 16, 2020
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Breaking News:  The Rotary Convention is on...virtually, that is.  Stay tuned for more details for the June 20-26, 2020 Virtual Convention.  General sessions on Saturday and Sunday, Breakout session Monday - Friday. Save those dates!
Message from General Secretary John Hewko:  We commend the outstanding efforts of Rotarians around the world responding to the pandemic by engaging in their communities — gathering for projects and offering help to those in need. With district grant funds, disaster response grants, and global grants, Rotary clubs are using their valuable experience and ingenuity to help people affected by COVID-19. 
Spring Training Assemblies:  Thank you to all who attended the webinars last Saturday. If you missed it, the recordings are at:
The session on climate change and environment was outstanding with the following presenter:  Energy Efficiency and Zero Waste - Scott Cooney, Founder and CEO of Pono Home & Pono Home Essentials and author at CleanTechnica, Clean Energy - Melissa Miyashiro, Managing Director of Strategy and Policy at local nonprofit Blue Planet Foundation, Food Rescue and Redistribution - Phil Acosta, Executive Director at local nonprofit - Aloha Harvest, Environmental Protection - Doore Shin, O’ahu Chapter Coordinator of nationwide nonprofit Surfrider Foundation. Don't miss the next sessions on May 2nd and May 16th
Island Traditions has Rotary masks for $7.50 and $35 District shirts on sale.   Go to:
COVID-19 survey:  Kat Haber (WE Rotary) is conducting a survey of District Rotarians and has partnered with Hawaii Towards Zero. Please take the confidential survey at :
Hawaii Towards Zero has Rotarian volunteers at their Call Center to answer questions and reduce the heavy call load on 9-1-1/hospitals about COVID-19.  Use this number for the Call Center: 808-460-4901
THREE THOUGHTS by District PolioPlus Chair Rich Courson: 1. We know COVID-19 strikes mostly older people and the Polio Virus infects mostly children.2. Researchers all over the world are working day and night to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 and we have a highly effective vaccine for the Polio Virus right now. 3. What this means is that we, as Rotarians must work together to rid the world of the COVID-19 Pandemic so that we can go on with our fight to rid the world of Polio.

What you may NOT know, is that The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) of which Rotary is a Partner, has made the hard decision to pause the house to house vaccinations, knowing full well that this may lead to an increase in polio cases.  However, Polio surveillance will continue, while also supporting COVID-19 surveillance.  Over the next four to six months, the Polio Program is offering its tools, workforce and extensive surveillance network to support countries as they respond.  Globally, the polio surveillance network is being trained on COVID-19 case detection, contact tracing, laboratory testing and data management. GPEI is deploying its coordination mechanisms such as emergency operations centers and sharing physical assets like vehicles, computers and mobile phones to combat the Pandemic. So you see, your Polio Plus Contributions ARE working to seize the moment to join forces with others to deliver the one-two punch to knock out COVID-19 and then finish the job with POLIO, once and for all.

Since those of us who usually meet weekly for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks, are not physically meeting for our club meetings at this time. Maybe we could all make a ONE TIME donation to Polio Plus for $25 (or more) or whatever your usual weekly cost may be.  If all of us in District 5000 would do this just ONE TIME, we would contribute over $35,000 to this great World Wide effort.  And that multiplied THREE TIMES, thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation match, makes it over $100,000.00!! 
What do you say, we mark Memorial Day Weekend as the time we make our ONE TIME contribution? WOW, what an impact this could have from a small group of Rotarians.  Details later. LET’S DO THIS!
Rotary Global Telethon to raise $1 million for the Disaster Response Fund.  It is a 1-hour Rotary International FaceBook live stream at 10am CST (5am Hawaii time). May 2 - Save the Date!
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