Contact: Ron Mabry
United States of America

Club Transformation for Growing Membership Come meet our Rotary International President Nominee Stephanie Urchick (2024-25) and her Aide, PDG Tom Gump.  Zoom link

In addition to a meet and greet, they will speak with us and answer questions about Club Transformation for Growing Membership.  When you hear “popular culture” an image pops into your mind. What do you think of when you think of “corporate culture?” What about a “Rotary club’s culture?” A club’s culture is a powerful force. It is the unwritten rulebook that determines “the way we do things around here.” It is the behaviors and attitudes of your members that reflect your club’s values and beliefs.

If things are going smoothly in your club - growth and diversity, foundation giving, activity in all five areas of service, approved grant applications, and so on - your club’s culture is a source of strength. However, if there has been a decline in one or more of those areas, the culture may need shifting to realize something different - a change. 

Change is often met with resistance, based in fear of the unknown. Even with the fullest amount of information possible, there are things we cannot predict, which can be a scary proposition for some club members. 

This presentation will help you understand your club’s culture and make it better!  Presented by RI President Nomintee Stephanie Urc, Please mark your calendar for an important upcoming event for Hawaii Rotarians on Saturday, November 19, 9am HST, on Zoom.