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Centennial Park Waikiki
Latest News:
July 29 marked 12 months since Centennial Park's official groundbreaking and blessing. Much has been accomplished since we started Phase 1 construction work, which we expect to be substantially finished by November 2020. 
Phase 1 includes clearing and grading the site, planting of most major trees, the landscaped gardens and sod, pouring and finishing the concrete interior walkway, installing piping for underground electricity and sprinklers, and completing a raised platform for performances. Click here to see the photo album or use this link Or take a walk down Seaside or Royal Hawaiian Avenue and see the construction progress for yourself.
We've also made significant fundraising progress to date, having raised $531,538 in cash and in-kind services valued at $516,963. The realization of Centennial Park has moved forward with the hard work of many and fiscal support by generous individuals, Clubs and businesses over the past five years. Thank you all for your support!
August marks the start of our expanded 10-week fundraising effort to secure $90,000 more by September 30, which is necessary to complete Phase 1. $30,000 of that $90,000 is already committed as a match to inspire the next $30,000 in the door. We currently need to secure total of $60,000. A separate fundraising campaign is underway to raise $400,000 for Phase 2 construction and $50,000 for Phase 3 signage.
New Renderings: Updated Vision 
Slideshow: Click here to see ten new renderings that envision Centennial Park Waikiki. 
Mahalo! Rendering graphics donated by local architecture firm G70.
A Green Oasis in Waikiki
Waikiki of today is worlds away from the wetlands, mudflats, fishponds and taro fields of the past. A walk among the modern concrete towers of our world-famous tourist destination reveals little in the way of culture or history and even less in green space.
Thanks to to the efforts of Rotary District 5000, Rotary Club of Honolulu, Rotarians throughout the State of Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu, friends, neighbors and businesses throughout Honolulu and beyond our shores, the only remaining patch of under-developed land in central Waikiki is being transformed from a barren debris-strewn gravel lot into an oasis of greenery, education, culture and family activities.
More than 100 years have passed since a happenstance encounter between two Hawaii businessmen sailing aboard the luxury liner “Lurline” from San Francisco to Honolulu. The conversation about a new, community-service organization called “Rotary” enticed both men and ultimately led to the establishment of Hawaii’s first Rotary Club in July 1915.
Since its founding, an additional 52 clubs have been organized and thrive throughout the State. The contributions of these clubs to Hawaii’s children, families and communities are both numerous and impactful. No doubt, our State is a far better place because of Rotary.
The Vision
The vision for Centennial Park described is subject to changes which may be dictated or required by the City and County of Honolulu, the city’s permitting process, and coordination with other government agencies, cultural advisers, fundraising or because of unforeseen circumstances or conditions.
Upon arrival, visitors to Centennial Park will note the beautifully fenced perimeter, the gated entry and the secure metal fencing atop a stone wall, which will surround the park on all sides. This stylish accent will provide security in the evenings and view ability during the day. 
Once inside, park users will stroll the concrete walking path, surrounded by coconut palms, expansive shade trees, landscaped gardens, historic signage, and pedestal seats. A raised platform, surrounded by natural boulders, has been constructed for performances, cultural and educational events. We expect that people of all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy the park.
During the pre-construction site inspection, the archaeology team located a large “kuana” (wall or stream bank) under the park site that originally separated Ali‘i lands from agricultural lands (taro lo‘i). This unusual discovery can be highlighted with signage.
In the true spirit of Rotary, the perimeter garden areas will be planted by Rotarians from many Clubs, under the watchful eye of professional landscaping experts. A combination of species have been selected and approved by the City to provide a lush and colorful groundcover. The sense of unity in the creation of Centennial Park represents Rotary’s international mission of bringing people together to promote peace, humanity and the spirit of “Service Above Self”.
Centennial Park will be the only open, green space within central Waikiki. The expansive lawn allows room for children to run, play and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Monkey pod and palm trees, along with new plantings will provide shade and comfort for picnics and leisure activities.  For over 100 years Rotarians have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of children and families. Centennial Park is a testament to the Rotarian commitment of making a better world.
The Legacy
This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for residents and Rotarians in Hawaii will create a timeless legacy where millions of families and individuals visit annually... Waikiki!
Centennial Park exemplifies the virtues of Rotary and offers an historic gathering place of knowledge. Its construction represents the commitment to achieve meaningful, positive change within a community. Its landscaped grounds provide an oasis for children to run, play and enjoy the freedom and fancy of childhood. Its signage will share the story of Rotary's impact in Hawaii and the amazing changes in Waikiki over the past 100 years.
Finally, the hand planted, lush gardens lining the park perimeter signify the coming together of volunteer Rotarians from many Clubs in Hawaii and their friends and neighbors.
The toil of community individuals in this unifying effort are transforming a littered, barren patch of earth into a beautiful gathering place for future generations to learn, thrive and enjoy! 
To donate or offer in-kind support toward the construction of Centennial Park, please visit our website, or contact Rob Hale, Chair, Centennial Park Committee using the form on the website.
Tax-deductible donations and your pledge form may be mailed to: District 5000/Centennial Park, c/o Rotary Club of Honolulu, 705 Queen St., Honolulu, HI 96813.
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