Southwest Rotary PETS 2023


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Presidents-Elect Pre-PETS

Pre-PETS Work Calendar 


All classes listed below are in the Learning Center on My Rotary.

Month of September, 2022

September 14               Hawaii Presidents-Elect Forum 

September 1 – 11         Getting Started with the Learning Center 

September 1 – 11         Get Ready – Club Presidents Basics 

September 12 -25         Managing Club Business 

September 12 –25        Minimizing Risk  


Month of October, 2022

October 12                    Hawaii President-Elect Forum, 7:00 pm recording:

October 1 – 16              Working with your Club Leadership

October  12 – 24           Protecting Personal Data

October 12 – 24           Rotary’s Action Plan and You


Month of November, 2022

November 9                  Hawaii President-Elect Forum recording:

November 1 – 12          Rotary Foundation Basics

November 1-12            Get Ready – Club Rotary Foundation Committee


Month of December, 2022

December 14                 Hawaii Presidents-Elect Forum

December 1- 9               Get Ready – Club Public Image Committee

December  1-9              The Rotary Brand


Month of January, 2023

 January 11                    Presidents-Elect Pre-PETS #1 recording-

 January  18                   Pre-PETS #2 recording-

 January 25                    Pre-PETS #3 recording -

Month of February, 2023

February 3 - 4               Presidents-Elect Training Seminar, Los Angeles



The resources needed to complete these assignments are available on the My Rotary Learning Center.   Access and utilize the online materials so that you will be able to:

  1. Enter and adjust goals and reports for your club in Rotary Club Central

  2. Access and understand club reports

  3. Access and use trends to assist your planning


My Rotary Learning Center: Month of September 

 September 1 – 11, 2022

  1. Getting started with the Learning Center:  15 minutes

    1. Set up your personal My Rotary account 

    2. Learn the “how-to's” for accessing the Learning Center. 

    3. Assist you in learning how to set your goals, input your Officers and

    4. To access the courses outlined for the Pre-PETS classes  

    5. If you have any problems reach out with questions or problems to your DGE for guidance

  2. Club Presidents Basics - Get Ready – 15 minutes

    1. This course shares with you a great deal of what you need to know to be prepared in taking on your new exciting role and taking you through the roles and responsibilities 

    2. Helping you prepare and plan for the role and;

    3. How to build a strong leadership team


September 12 – 25, 2022

  1. Managing Club Business  - 30 minutes

    1. This takes you through your administrative responsibilities

    2. Learning about the Club Standards and how your Club operates

    3. Also, reporting and financial requirements

    4. Online Resources available to you

  2. Minimizing Risk: 15 minutes

    1. Learn how to identify and minimize risk

    2. How to plan for any impact

    3. Understand insurance coverages 


My Rotary Learning Center:  Month of October 

October 1 – 11, 2022 

  1. Working With Your Club Leadership Team – 30 minutes 

    1. Overview of what your Club Leadership Team should look like

    2. What the board’s role is

    3. How to work with each other and the District 

    4. How to prepare a Communications Plan 

October 12- 24, 2022

  1. Protecting Personal Data – 30 minutes

a. As Club President you do have the responsibility to ensure that personal data is protected. This course shows you what is considered Personal Data
b.    How to protect data and your responsibilities
c.    You can also test your knowledge at the end of the session
  1. Rotary’s Action Plan and You – 15 minutes 

    1. Learn what Rotary’s action plan is and;

    2. What you can do


My Rotary Learning Center:  Month of November 

November 1 - 12, 2022 

  1. Rotary Foundation Basics – 45 minutes

    1. November is Foundation month, this program will give you information regarding The Rotary Foundation’s causes, including eradicating polio

    2. Our Areas of Focus

    3. Rotary Grants Programs

    4. Rotary Peace Centers and Fellowships and;

    5. How programs are funded

  2. Get Ready – Club Rotary Foundation Committee (15 minutes)

    1. This seminar helps you understand your role and that of the Committee

    2. Talks about promoting The Rotary Foundation and;

    3. What Online resources are available to you


My Rotary Learning Center : Month of December 

December  1 - 9, 2022

The Rotary Brand Center

  1. Get Ready – Club Public Image Committee

    1. Learn here about what your role is and how to promote your club

    2. What resources are available to you

  2. The Rotary Brand

    1. Learn the answers to what IS a brand?

    2. How a strong brand helps YOUR own Club

    3. How can YOU strengthen the Rotary Brand?

    4. Resources that are available to you

    5. Extra work – create and download your Club logo from The Rotary Brand Central 


January 2023

Recommended each DGE holds a review of the Learning Center topics and maybe hold their own Pre-PETS session, either in person or on Zoom

2021-2022 PE Forum Recording links:
January 3, Monday, 6pm – PE Zoom Recording link:
Henk Rogers Webinar, Feb 12. Recording link:
February 19, 9am-Noon Virtual Pre-PETS : Recording link:
February 25 – 27, 2022    SOUTHWEST ROTARY PETS
March 12, Saturday, 9-Noon-Holomua Virtual PETS : Register at
March 19, Saturday, 9-11am-Virtual Vibrant Club Workshop :
March 26, Saturday, 9-11am-Transition Training :
April 2, Saturday, 9-Noon, District Training Assembly
April 9, Saturday, 9-Noon, District Training Assembly
May 9, Monday, 6pm PE Zoom. Recording link:
May 20-22- District Conference Oahu
June 13, Monday, 6pm PE Zoom.  Recording link: