Welcome Rotary Club Presidents (Rotary Year 2024-25).  Best wishes on kicking off your Rotary year on July 1, 2024.

Hawai'i Rotary District 5000 Club Presidents 2024-25 at Rotary Southwest Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (SW PETS) in Los Angeles, California, February 1-4, 2024.

Link to Zoom (Monthly Club Presidents Meeting with DG Ted Faigle are held on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.)
Link to Club Officers Resources (previously known as Club Presidents/Officer/Club Members Resources; information prior to 2023)

RECORDED CLUB PRESIDENTS MEETING for Rotary Club Presidents 2024-25

JULY 2024 Meeting (07/15/24):  This meeting has not occurred yet.


RECORDED PRESIDENTS ELECT TRAINING for Rotary Club Presidents 2024-25
PE training is now completed.  All recording training and materials will be available below throughout your year as club president.

JUNE 2024 Session (06/11/24) via Zoom:  RECORDED SESSION VIDEO
MAY 2024 Session (05/13/24) via Zoom:  RECORDED SESSION VIDEO 
APRIL 2024 Session (04/08/24) via Zoom:  RECORDED SESSION VIDEO  | SLIDES from PPT Deck 90-Day Countdown to Your Presidency
JANUARY 2024 Session (01/20/24) via Zoom:  RECORDED SESSION VIDEO (Pre-PETS)  |  PRE-WORK IN THE LEARNING CENTER AT MY ROTARY:  Rotary’s Action Plan and You (15 min.)Working with Your Club Leadership Team (30 min.)Managing Club Business (30 min.)  |  
DISTRICT EXPERT(S):  Ted Faigle (RC Po'ipu Beach, Kauai), District Governor-Elect, Rotary Action Plan and Club Goals & What to Expect at PETS; Naomi Masuno (RC West Honolulu), Past District Governor, ClubRunner and Rotary Club Central; Benson Medina (RC South Hilo), District Learning Facilitator, Vibrant and Inclusive Clubs
NOVEMBER 2023 Session (11/20/23) via Zoom:  RECORDED SESSION AND MATERIALS VIDEO   |  POWERPOINT DECK  |  PRE-WORK IN THE LEARNING CENTER:  Rotary Foundation Basics (30 min.)Get Ready: Club Service Projects Committee (15 min.)  |  DISTRICT EXPERT(S):  Dave Mozdren, The Rotary Foundation, District Rotary Foundation Committee, How does The Rotary Foundation benefit your club? How do you encourage giving? How could you increase your club’s impact with increased Foundation grants?
OCTOBER 2023 Session:  RECORDED SESSION AND MATERIAL VIDEO🎥  |  POWERPOINT DECK   |  PRE-WORK IN THE LEARNING CENTER AT MY ROTARY:  Public Relations and Your Club (15 min.)Promoting Your Club as People Of Action (15 min.)Our Logo: Representing Rotary (30 min.)  | DISTRICT EXPERT(S):  Josh Laguana (RC Hickam Pearl Harbor) , District Public Image Co-Chair, What do people in your community think about Rotary? How does your club’s public image influence your club’s reach and impact?  Who does your club partner with within your community?  How do you influence your club's public image?
SEPTEMBER 2023 Session:  RECORDED SESSION AND MATERIALS:  VIDEO 🎥  |  POWERPOINT DECK   |  PRE-WORK IN THE LEARNING CENTER AT MY ROTARY:  Rotary Club Central Resources (15 min.)Strategies for Attracting New Members (15 min.)Best Practices for Engaging Members (45 min.)  |  DISTRICT EXPERT(S):  Connie Ichinose (RC Hilo), District Membership Chair, What makes your club attractive to prospective members? How do you expand your reach? How do you go about engaging all of your members?
Thank you so much for your time and effort to get prepared to lead your club. Our goal is to learn from each other and also to have FUN!

Ted Faigle
District Governor 2024-25
Rotary Club of Po'ipu Beach

Southwest Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (SW PETS)
February 1-4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California