Aloha District 5000 Assistant Governors, Presidents, Presidents Elect, Rotary Foundation Chairs, and International Service Chairs:
The deadline for submitting Global Grants to the Rotary Foundation Grants Subcommittee is October 1. The deadline for commitments of DDF allocations and Club matching to Global Grants led by other District 5000 Clubs (or Clubs or Districts outside District 5000) is 1. 
Global Grant Allocations are available on the District 5000 website. There are also detailed instructions on how to initiate a Global Grant in our District.
You have several options for using your DDF allocation. Here’s how the matching works.
Club Allocation is $1,000—Club matches DDF. Leverage =  3.5
Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes DDF + Matching Cash $1,000 + $4,000 Cash
Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes only $500 DDF + Matching Cash $500 But Additional $500 Cash
Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes no DDF, but Cash $5,000
Below are the 2016-17 Global Grant applications. All of the Clubs leading these Grants asked for participation from other Clubs in District 5000 and from partners in other ;Districts. Keep in mind that Total Budget amounts are subject to change depending on participation from other Clubs, Sister Clubs, or District outside District 5000. Remember, you have until October 1 to put together a viable grant proposal, or to select one or more Global Grant(s) to support. I will be posting new grant proposals here throughout the month of September.
Global Grant 1744876 Honolulu Sunrise:  Rotary Club of Silom, Bangkok. Disease Prevention and Treatment. Enhance local communities' health infrastructure and increase their access to life-saving medical equipment & low-cost treatment by providing:
- Hemodialysis (HD) machines as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)
- Defibrillators to treat life-threatening cardiac arrest and to reestablish normal heart contraction rhythms
- Prenatal ultrasound to diagnose fetal health conditions and determine if any abnormalities exist in high-risk pregnancy.
- Provide ongoing & onsite training to transfer technical know-how to medical staff at benefiting hospitals.
- Support continuing preventive health education for local communities to sustain the right preventive health care.
8 units, HD machines
Nikkiso Medical (Thailand)
2 sets, Prenatal Ultrasounds
Quantum Healthcare (Thailand)
16 units, Defibrillators
AMC Medical Supply
Total budget:
Total Budget $162,286.00 (Thailand, Japan, District 5000).
Contact: Eberhard Mann 808-398-4828
Global Grant 1744534 Honolulu Sunset: Rotary Club of Atimonan, Philippines. Disease Prevention and Treatment / Maternal and Child Health. Donation of Medical Equipment for the Atimonan Community.
Fully Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer
Crestline Scientific Corporation
Weighing Scale
Philippine Medical Supplies
ECG Machine
Philippine Medical Supplies
Total budget:
Brief summary: Purchase medical equipment needed to treat patients and
detect malnourishment: fully automated blood chemistry analyzer, detect
weighing scale, ECG machine.
The Municipal Health Office of Atimonan monitors the health of the indigent residents of the town and lacks the necessary equipments to do so. The same office identified the much needed medical equipment, which will enable physicians to diagnose serious conditions locally and make appropriate referrals where necessary. The Grant will also involve training and outreach.
Total Budget $43,320
Contact: James Ham
Global Grant 1743889 Honolulu Sunset:  Rotary Club of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Rotary Club of Alnwick.
Brief Summary: Purchase equipment necessary to set up oral cancer detection
camps and educational prevention programs, especially for plantation workers whose use of lime for betel nuts is a leading cause of cancer.
Amount requested: $10,000 (total is $45,000, but $35,000 is already funded).
Total Budget $45,000
Contact: James Ham
See attached information sheet for this and the two grants below by Honolulu Sunset
Global Grant Number Pending Honolulu Sunset: Rotary Club of Katapadi, India. Water and Sanitation.
Kote Village Water Project. In Kote Village Panchayath, total pop 5914 (517 of 1270 families live
below the poverty line) this Grant will supply a water system connecting the village to a safe water supply.  Construction and installation of pipeline, overhead tank, open well, electrification, valve chamber, transformer, pump set, pump housing.
Total Budget $42,280
Contact: James Ham
Global Grant 1642410 Ala Moana: Rotary Club of Bang Pa-In, Thailand. Save Life for Newborns and Children.  Maternal and Child Health.
The Grant will supply echocardiogram equipment (cardiac ultrasound) for the Phra Makhon Hospital Si Ayutthaya Hospital and training for doctors and nurses in diagnosis and treatment of newborns and infants with heart abnormalities. This will significantly reduce the rate of infant mortality in this district of Thailand. Ayutthaya is the ancient capital, about 50 miles north of Bangkok. The RC of Ala Moana has successfully completed two projects with the Hospital as the Cooperating Partner.
Local cost (THB)
Cost in USD
Total budget:
Total Budget $45,833.
Contact Richard Courson or
Global Grant 1744360 South Hilo: Rotary Club of Lampang, Thailand. Crop Residue Shredding. Economic and Community Development.
The grant will supply crop residue shredders for 15 rural communities in Northern Thailand. These communities burn more than 2,000 tons of crop residues from 15 communities or about 300 families. The shredders will convert the residue to organic fertilizer that can be used to reduce their own fertilizer costs and can also be sold at more than 300 US$ per ton, providing a new source of income while improving quality of life and reduction of respiratory illness.
Total Budget $45,000
Contact Rosemary Linden,
Global Grant 1743935 District Governor Rotary Foundation Centennial Project/Metropolitan Honolulu:Rotary Club of Chiang Maui North/District 3360 Club of Yangon. Teacher Resource Boxes for Rahkine State, Myanmar. Basic Education and Literacy.
This Grant will provide Teacher Resource Boxes for a number of monastic schools in Rahkine State, Myanmar. The boxes will include library assistance, student supplies, teacher training, etc. It will also provide funds to schools for subsidies to teachers, allowing classroom sizes to be smaller. These kids are the poorest of the poor in Myanmar, and schools have no resources on their own. Rahkine State is the region with the greatest needs. District 5000 Rotarian will deliver the kits and spend time at each school. The Grant will also be support by the US-based Suu Foundation and a local foundation in Myanmar.
This Grant, and the following Rotary Foundation Centennial Project in Taiwan, will also involve hands-on participation by 30 or more District 5000 Rotarians. See the attached flier for opportunities to participate in the trip(s).
Total Budget $30,000 (currently funded) and District 5000 Clubs donations of Cash or In-Kind support.
Contact Mark Merriam
Global Grant 1635873 District Governor Rotary Foundation Centennial Project/Metropolitan Honolulu:Rotary Club of Taipei Min-Kuan/District 3480. Brighter Futures for the Paiwan Children of Wutan Elementary, Pingtung County, Taiwan. Basic Education and Literacy.
This project aims to brighten the futures of 180 children attending Wutan Elementary School’s three campuses, spread out in rural Pingtung County, by providing a functional library in which to implement programs to strengthen basic literacy in Chinese and English. The grant will benefit the 180 students who currently attend the school, and also future generations of students and their parents. It will benefit the parents of the children and the local community by holding monthly workshops during which adults can use the library and improve reading skills. An estimated 20 to 30 adults will take advantage of the adult literacy workshops. Parents and grandparents will also have the opportunity to be trained as volunteers to keep the library open on weekends for members of the community to make use of the books and facilities.
Total Budget $102,272
Contact Mark Merriam
See the attached flier for opportunities to participate in the trip(s).  
Global Grant 1744433 Kona Sunrise: Rotary Club of Panauti, Nepal / Rotary Club of Taipei Min-Kuan Nepal Education Project. Basic Education and Literacy.
This project will rehabilitate a school devastated by the earthquake while improving its infrastructure and capacity, including computer learning centers and school supplies. It will also provide a solar water system for clean water and gender-appropriate toilets.  
Furniture support
Smart Energy
Total budget:
Total Budget $60,816
Contact Donna Hiranaka
I encourage you to consider projects led by Clubs in our District. A lot of work has gone into these applications, and they all deserve your support. However, additional projects looking for funding and participation can be found at Rotary Ideas This is also a good place to see what other Clubs and Districts are working on, or have already accomplished, with local and international projects all over the world in Rotary’s Areas of Focus.
Another source of ideas is Lots of great projects on this site, but use it with caution. These projects have not been vetted by TRF. Each project has contact information for the Host Partner and/or   International Partner in the proposed Grant. You should contact them and discuss their project before making a commitment to it. I am always available to discuss and help with projects.

In 2016-2017, we celebrated the Centennial of The Rotary Foundation. RotDo not hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. 
Here are the "rules" for applications:
Remember that you have until October 1st to apply for a Global Grant or to designate your DDF and Club Cash to one of projects announced during October. You must notify me at the  when you have made a decision regarding your DDF designation. DDF not designated by the deadline October 1 will go into a DDF pool for allocation to Global Grants already in process. For more information on individual Grants, check this page on the District 5000 website frequently. Or, contact Mark Harbison for more information 808-283-3785 or
The  Global Grant Application is online at the new Grants Center on . Click on My Rotary, Sign in, Take Action, Apply for Grant, then Global Grant. Before initiating a Grant, call Mark Harbison, Global Grants Chair, at 808-283-3785 for more information. I will be happy to walk you through the application. To view a Zone 25-26 webinar on the Grants Center, go to
When you have completed the application form DO NOT hit “submit”.  There are ”save” and “save and exit” options at the bottom of each page (these save the whole grant). Be sure to use them so that you do not lose your work. A new feature of the Grant Application Tool is that you must not enter DDF in our Finance Plan until you are ready to submit the grant. This will immediately trigger an email to the District Governors and District Rotary Foundation Chairs of all participating Districts asking for approval of the DDF, even if your grant is in the early stages of preparation.
ary Foundation seminars are coming up. I would appreciate information on completed projects or projects in progress. Photos and videos welcome—I will feature some of them in the Foundation presentations coming up.
Get the word out about your wonderful Service Projects on Rotary Showcase Rotary Showcase is for Global Grants, District Grant projects, and other projects you are working on or have completed in the Avenues of Service. Pictures and video will enhance your presentation—and your impact.
Advise me that you plan to submit an application. From that point, we will work with you to insure that the application is complete and satisfies Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus and Sustainability requirements before it is submitted to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for approval. We will also publicize the project to other Clubs in our District to help you find partners.  Please do not send private emails to other Club officers soliciting support for your grant before you have notified the Grants Subcommittee of your project.
Note: your finance proposal must include a minimum of $15,000 from the TRF World Fund. TRF matches District Designated Funds (DDF) 1:1 and Club Cash 0.5:1. A 100% DDF $15,000 District commitment (as for Volunteer Training Teams or Global Scholars) is matched by a $15,000 World Fund Match, fulfilling the requirement. For a Club to receive a $15,000 World Fund Match, you achieve the match with a combination of District Designated Fund allocations and Club Cash. The District will match your allocation 1:1 (this will be matched by TRF 1:1, and the Club Cash portion matched 0.5:1. For example, if your Club has a Global Grant allocation of $500, the Club could commit $3,000 to the Global Grant. The District DDF match would be $500. The TRF World Fund match would be $500 for the District DDF and $1,500 for The Club commitment. Your total funding at this point is $5,500, but your TRF World Fund match is only $2,000). In practice, this means that you will partner with other Clubs to reach the $15,000 World Fund minimum.
If you are a partner on a Global Grant with a District 5000 Club acting as Principal International Partner (or Host Partner in the case of a reverse grant), and using your Global Grants allocation of DDF, you must let me know at your earliest convenience. If you are partnering with a Club or District outside District 5000, you must obtain a PDF of the grant from the Host Club or Principal International Partner and submit it to the Grants Subcommittee by October 1, 2015. If we are not notified by you, we have no way of knowing that you plan to use those funds for a grant originated by a Club or District outside of District 5000. 
Please note that the deadline for applying for a Global Grant and using your allocated District funds is October 1, 2017. Club Presidents and International Chairs must submit their grant proposals to me for publication on this web page. Submit a simple narrative explaining your project, its Area of Focus, how it is sustainable, and your projected budget. Also indicate if there is significant participation in your project from Clubs and District outside District 5000.
The minimum World Fund contribution to a Global Grant is $15,000. This means that your Club(s) and your international partner(s) must match that with $15,000 in Cash and DDF. The Rotary Foundation matches District Designated Funds (DDF) 1:1 and Club Cash 0.50:1. Obviously, a single Club cannot finance a Global Grant on its own. You will partner with other Clubs in our District and, hopefully, Clubs and Districts outside District 5000.
For more information on Global Grants, see the RI website See also, a great place to promote your project to other Clubs looking for  projects.
Check this page frequently for new Global Grant projects seeking partners. I will be posting new proposals for Global Grant projects frequently. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for help in putting together a proposal on the RI website. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask.
Mark A. Harbison, Assistant Rotary Foundation Chair, Rotary Foundation Committee, Grants Subcommittee Chair
Toll Free: 866-874-1942
Cell: 808-283-3785