Aloha Fellow Rotarians,

August is Rotary Membership Month! When Rotary Clubs around the world focus their energy on their plans to build strong clubs and grow the reach of Rotary. This is an opportunity to be inspired by innovating our club meetings, our club socials and our club's service. Your club leaders have attended extensive developmental programs that shared ideas about Project Based Meetings, Secret Shoppers and setting meeting context that create value for members and increase attendance. Now is the time to engage each other in conversation, identify action items and move to action. Please see Past District Governor Clint Schroeder's membership manifesto for an inspired club experience!

I would like to thank all those clubs that have been so gracious in hosting my DG visits. Kauai, West Oahu and Ko Ľolaupoko (Windward Oahu) have such aloha for their neighbors and communities. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I look forward to seeing you continue your work with your communities. It was wonderful for me to see you embrace the idea of shifting our focus from "service to" to "service with". I appreciate the club newsletters and news articles as we continue to tell our Rotary story.

For clubs that have yet to host a visit, I truly look forward to having our conversation. Common areas of discussion have been on entering goals into Rotary.Org and how we communicate progress on those goals to club members. Ways of enhancing our meetings and creating value for members rather than reducing the number of meetings. And, of course, how we create clubs that are attractive to new and old members.

Rotary Clubs on Kauai and the Big Island continue to struggle with natural disasters that have impacted Rotarians and their surrounded communities. If you want to find out how to support their recovery please see articles and links on our website

Words to live by: A leader works not to have people believe in him (or her), but rather works to have people to believe in themselves.

Peace be with you... Be The Inspiration!

-Winton Schoneman
August 2018