In honor of May Mental Health Awareness Month, a total of 26 volunteers, over three days, with a total of 155.5 man hours, made this amazing mental health clinic transformation happen for Windward neighbors in need.
The Windward Community Mental Health Clinic had been neglected since the 1970s and did not project the care the Windward Sunrise Rotary Club feels towards the local residents and families grappling with the effects of houselessness, mental illness, and/or substance abuse issues. Rotarians from the Windward Sunrise Rotary Club, the E-Club, Honolulu Metro Rotary, the Windward Rotary Club, as well as clinical mental health professionals, family members, and community donated their time to this project over three days.
 A big shout out to Hawaii Hardware, whose generosity supplied nearly all the paint, nails, brushes, spackle, and wood beams. Habitat for Humanity Restore also contributed to the project with affordable decor and furniture.