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Welcome to the District 5000 Global Grants website. On this page, you will find a number of valuable resources for planning and applying for Global Grants. Just click on the menu items on the left for webinars, Power Point Presentations, and other information in the Global Grant application process. More information and training materials can be found on the District Grants Info Page.
Upcoming webinars:
Aug 24, 2024- International Service and Global Grant information
October 12, 2024-Globla Grant Project Fair
October 26, 2024-Annual grant qualification learning session
November 1, 2024-Global Grant Pledge forms due to
Below are listed the Global Grant applications the Committee considered for 2023-24. The list of projects for 2024-2025 will be posted when they are available.  
2023-2024 Global Grants:
GG2457026: Providing Water Supply and Micro-Irrigation Services for Thatipada Village of Bajura District, Nepal
 Primary Host: RC Narayangarh, Guneshwar Mahato       Area of Focus: WASH & Economic Development  International Lead: RC Honolulu Sunset,  Arjun Aryal,  Budget: $50,000
 Thatipada Village is located in the very remote, far western Bajura District of Nepal and is home to 30 households whose  food sufficiency is less than 3 months from their farm productions.  They often go to India and the Terai cities of Nepal for  the 6-9 months of seasonal migration.  Very few young people (6-8) are abroad in Middle Eastern countries for foreign  jobs.  There is no drinking water and no irrigation to farm.  This project will provide drinking water and solar irrigation that  will help generate income.  This will improve the health and hygiene situation through WASH and the livelihoods and  income levels of Thatipada people through micro-irrigation facilities.
GG2456096: Support health promotion & disease prevention programs            Location: Thailand
 Primary Host: RC Silom, Sam Nitiwanakun         Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment  International Lead: RC Honolulu Sunrise,  David Mozdren,         Budget: $86,600
 The Pulmonary Critical Care Unit of Khon Kaen Regional Hospital caters to an annual average of 20,000 patients, with  many respiratory diseases on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, air pollution, patient lifestyle and behavior.  This  project will purchase a life-saving Body Plethysmography which will be used to diagnose lung diseases and improve  treatment and outcomes.  Once the equipment is delivered, comprehensive training and maintenance will be provided to  assure that the equipment will have a long and useful life.  A trip to Thailand is planned to celebrate the delivery of the  equipment along with an optional project for some hands-on work and improvements at an Orphanage.
GG2456569: WASH for Kundiawa College of Nursing, Papua New Guinea
 Primary Host: RC Port Moresby, Adam Hughes  Area of Focus: Water Sanitation and Hygiene
 International Lead: RC Honolulu Sunset,  James Ham,        Budget: $45,000
 The Kundiawa College of Nursing is home to 700 nursing students, 30 faculty, and 3000 rural villagers with extremely  limited water access, resulting in an increase in water-borne illnesses and poor classroom attendance.  Students walk  over 2 km daily to fetch water, and it is unsafe for female students.  This project will provide 20+ rain catchments, water  filters, water testing, bathrooms with toilets, and WASH training programs, ultimately preventing disease and improving  overall health.  This project will also improve classroom attendance and graduation rates, adding more nurses to the  national workforce, which will in turn improve overall access to health care in one the most remote and resource-limited  countries in the world, with one of the lowest physician per capita ratios.  Service Trip planned for 8/24.
We hope that every Club in our District will participate in at least one Global Grant. The deadline for committing Club Cash and District Designated Funds (DDF) Allocations to Global Grants is November 1. Clubs should notify the Rotary Foundation Grants Subcommittee Chair, and the Primary Contact Person, by email before the November 1 deadline. November 1 is also the deadline for commitments of DDF allocations and Club matching to Global Grants led by Clubs or Districts outside District 5000. DDF allocations that are not committed to a Global Grant with matching Club Cash will be available to the Clubs sponsoring grants or other Clubs willing to contribute matching cash.
You have several options for using your DDF allocation. Here’s how the matching works. Note that The Rotary Foundation (TRF) will not match Cash contributions 0.5:1 as in the past. Recent decisions have a major impact on grant funding. Review these changes in the Power Point District 5000 International Service--Global Grants. The elimination of the .5 : 1 World Fund match for Club Cash and the reduction of World Fund matching to 80% of District DDF commitments will result in more funding for Global Grants, but will directly impact the DDF for individual Grants. In District 5000, the mandatory Club Cash matching for DDF will help to maintain Grants Funding leverage, but there is no question that the New Funding Model presents new challenges and will result in fewer new Global Grants--unless we reach out to partners through Project Fairs, existing Sister Club relationships and new ones, FaceBook Rotarian Action Group messaging, District leaders' connections with contacts in other Districts. Reach out, Zoom has exponentially expanded our to move around in the world. 
The first rule is that you must match DDF commitments 1:1 with Club Cash.
You can view the complete applications at Sign in and click on the Take Action Tab and then Grant Center. At the top right corner of the screen, there is a Tab called Grant Search. Click on that, and it will take you to a screen that asks for the Grant Number. Enter that a click on Filter.