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Need an suggestion for a speaker or had a really great one that you want to let clubs know about?  Email the District Speaker Bureau Chair at :  Include the following information in one paragraph:
-Topic (Title and description)
-Speaker's name,  company/organization name, position, phone number, email address. Any limitations on when they are available. 
  Suggested by (Rotarian) Speaker Organization/Position Contact Info Phone Topic
  Richard May Darryl Wong Major General, USAF, ret. (808) 384-1430 cell Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  Richard May Steve Colon Capt., USN, ret. Hunt executive (808) 265-4253 cell Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  Richard May Tony Vericella (808) 925-0200 cell Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  Richard May Elissa Lines Exec Director, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (920) 573-0668 cell Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  Richard May Mike Carr Executive Director, USS Missouri (808) 286-1187 cell Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  Ron Mabry Brenda Cressey Rotary  Foundation Trustee   Foundation subject
Zoom Ron Mabry Beth Garrow Zone 26 Major Giving Officer   Foundation Giving
Zoom Ron Mabry Mary Berge Rotarian Zone 33 (PA)   Mental Health Mgmt during Covid-19
Zoom Ted Faigle Louise Barnfield   Albatross Count on Midway Island
Zoom Shereen S Harrison Schmitt Pacific Whale Fdn Program Dir harrisonschmitt   Protecting the Oceans 
Oahu   Seymour Kazimirski  551-3222  My Mothers Holocaust Story
Oahu   CAPT R.T. Hendrickson   US Coast Guard  535-3321  US Coast Guard
Zoom Marti Krishna Narayan Maui Kuia Estate Chocolate   "Chocolate Kuleana" Note: Marti highly recommends this . He's enthusiastic about what they do.   
Oahu   Paul Vierling Rotarian 808-391-4597 “811, Hawaii’s Call Before You Dig” program
Oahu   Rick Tabor (Rotarian) Kokua Council/VP   10 Coping Skillls to wellness
Kauai Naomi David Dinner (Rotarian) Certified  Biodynamic,  Craniosacral Care, Aquacranial   Alternative health care and how to balance it with conventional medicine
Oahu   Gordie Morris Captain Club Program  630-6084 Captain Club Program
Zoom Marti Hannah Shipman Blue Panet Foundation   Clean Energy or other topics of club's choice
Oahu   Bob Segall Companies We Keep Books  271-3301 Companies We Keep Books
    Rick Tabor Kokua Council 808.285.5936 Coping Skills for COVID-19
Oahu   Tom D’Agnes Country of Laos   391-1579  Country of Laos 
Zoom Scott Wishart Bo Gapas Life Support Solutions   CPR/AED
Oahu   Lance Hylander  Decision Making and Career Development  571-228-0705 Decision Making and Career Development
Oahu   Dan Carlson Deputy Assistant DOE  808 784-3000 DOE Facilities
Oahu   Stan Michaels Dept of Health   733-9202 Fall Protection 
Zoom Marti Scott Hopkins Feed My Sheep   FMS mission, etc (Note:  he will be willing when things calm down a bit)
Zoom Marti Dawn Hall Hawaii Animal Rescue Fondation   HARF services, volunteer & foster opportunities
Oahu   Lisa Fowler Hawaii Humane Society 356-2200 Hawaii Humane Society
Oahu   Sidney Stiefel   Hawaii Natural Resources  587-0028  Hawaii Natural Resources
Zoom Marti Chandy Lopes Healing the Whole Person   Healthy immunity, decreasing inflammation, IV nutritional therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid health
Oahu   Kimi Sukuda Takazawa  HI After School All Stars  543-2282 HI After School All Stars
Oahu   Sue Ann Lee Honolulu Board of Realtors 732-3000 Honolulu Board of Realtors
Oahu   Chief Susan Ballard  Honolulu Police Department      723-3848 Honolulu Police Department 
Oahu   Bryan Enos Investment Pitfalls  521-4015 x 8  Investment Pitfalls 
Zoom Marti Julie Yonemura Maui Visitors Bureau   Julie is the Dir. of Leisure Sales & a kind person.  Please don't make it a "wail on MVB" session.
Oahu   Emily Torres Kapi’olani and Childrens Miracle Network   983-6334 Kapi’olani and Childrens Miracle Network
Oahu   Rick Tabor Kokua Council 808.285.5936 Kokua Kupuna & GRAMMI
Zoom Marti Lee Poston Therapeutic Associates   Low back pain, self-mgmt, myths that keep it a business (note from marti - very specific POV)
Zoom Marti Cheryl Lindley Maui Pops   Maui Pops
Oahu   Lisa Letotore Meals on Wheels   531-0555 Meals on Wheels
Zoom Win Steve Lingenbrink Zone Membership   Membership
Oahu   Arjun Aryala Nepal Earthquake of 2015    Nepal Earthquake of 2015 
Oahu   Paul Vierling Rotarian 808-391-4597. Numismatics, Time To Pull Out Those Old Coins
Oahu   Elissa Lines  Pacific Aviation Museum  445-9069 Pacific Aviation Museum  
Oahu   Jen Stasch  Partners in Care      543-2282 Partners in Care
Zoom Naomi Ernie Montagne Rotary PDG & Polio Now Coor   Polio
Oahu   Branch Lotspeich  Rescue Tube Foundation  639-7458 Rescue Tube Foundation  
Oahu   Kanoe Paahau Ronald McDonalds House  979-3577 Ronald McDonalds House  
Zoom Win Vicki Puliz RI Director Elect Zone 26/27   Rotary Training
Zoom Ron Mabry Wade Nomura Rotarian, Mayor of Carpinteria, CA TBA   Rotary Travels
Oahu   Dolan Eversole UH Sea Grant Program  808.956 9780 Sea Grant
Zoom Marti Betsy Rozelle Author   Seeking common bonds/Affinity OR Opiod Epidemic, from a family member (diff topics but both excellent)
Zoom Mary Albitz Jon Kaufman H2OpenDoors Founder   Solar/Wind powered water filtration system installations
Oahu   Jade Butay State department of Transportation jade.butay@Hi,gov 587-2150 State department of Transportation
Oahu Naomi Rick Tabor (Rotarian) Kokua Council/VP   Stress management techniques for taking care of yourself while caring for your loved ones during COVID-1.
Zoom Brenna Dicks Andrew Dahlburg Toastmasters   Toastmasters Partnership
Oahu   Earling Ericksen US Post Office,  Honolulu Downtown Station    US Post Office,  Honolulu Downtown Station 
Oahu   Linda Santos Director of Honolulu Zoo  971-7171 Zoo