As we count down the days to 'World Polio Day,' I find myself reflecting on the monumental efforts we've witnessed and the journey we've shared in the fight to eradicate this crippling disease. This year, on October 24th, we have another opportunity to raise our voices, commit to action, and contribute to a cause that, for decades, has been at the heart of Rotary's mission — ending polio.

Why Your Participation Matters

While we've achieved remarkable strides, with the world standing on the cusp of eradicating polio, the fight is not over. I urge each of you to engage in projects that amplify awareness about the lingering threat of polio. Whether through community seminars, social media campaigns, or school outreach programs, every action counts.

Furthermore, I invite each of you to consider making a personal contribution of $100 (or more) to the PolioPlus Society. To streamline this process, we've set up a dedicated 'D5000 Raise for Rotary to End Polio' page, accessible via this link. Let's mark 'World Polio Day' with an outpouring of generosity that resonates across continents.

Join Us for 'Pau Hana for Polio'

What’s happening on the District 5000 front for World Polio Day, you ask? Picture this: a relaxed 'Pau Hana' gathering, your choice of drink in hand, surrounded by fellow advocates committed to a polio-free world. We'll "talk story," sharing personal insights on what a polio-free future signifies for us, our loved ones, and subsequent generations.

This isn't just idle chatter; we plan to consolidate these reflections and present them to Rotary International, showcasing our District's unwavering commitment.

Special Guests Share Their Stories

To further inspire us, we'll be joined by esteemed friends from the Mainland. We'll hear firsthand accounts from a resilient polio survivor, shedding light on life with polio. Another guest, instrumental in coordinating numerous National Immunization Day events, will recount efforts that safeguarded millions of children in Ethiopia and its environs.

Save the Date

I cordially invite each of you to this meaningful conversation. Let's gather virtually, united in purpose, and spirited in resolve.

Event: 'Pau Hana for Polio' with PDG Roz Cooper
Date: Tuesday, October 24th
Time: 5:30pm (Hawaii)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 853 2585 5806
Dial by your location :  +1 346 248 7799

Together, let's make 'World Polio Day' a hallmark of Rotary District 5000's solidarity and action. I eagerly await your projects, your generosity, and, most importantly, your presence at 'Pau Hana for Polio.'

See you there!

Past District Governor Roz Cooper
Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu