October 24, 2023 - World Polio Day provides an opportunity to highlight global efforts toward a polio free world and honor the tireless contributions of those on the frontlines in the fight to eradicate polio from every corner of the globe. We need to ramp up our efforts to eradicate polio to protect children from this devastating and disabling disease. What are you and your club members planning for World Polio Day?
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5 Reasons Why Polio Must Be Eradicated

1. Your gift will improve lives…

Today, 20 million people who would otherwise be paralyzed by polio are walking, and 1.5 million people who would otherwise have died are alive.

2. Your gift will invest in the future.

If all eradication efforts stopped today, within 10 years, polio could paralyze as many as 200,000 children each year. A polio-free world will be a heathier world for children everywhere.

3. Your gift will improve child health.

Polio surveillance networks and vaccination campaigns also monitor children for other health problems, like vitamin deficiency and measles, so we can address them sooner.

4. Your gift will lower health care costs.

The global effort to eradicate polio has already saved more than $27 billion in health care costs since 1988 and expects to save $14 billion more by 2050.

5. Your gift will make History.

Polio eradication will be one of history’s greatest public health achievements, with polio following smallpox to become only the second human disease eradicated from the world.

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