Past District Governor Sandy Matsui's presentation at the Zone Institute Peer-to-Peer Session in San Diego, November 9, 2023, showcased the transformative power of Rotary International's Empowering Girls Initiative. This initiative, a legacy from RI President Shekhar Mehta and actively promoted by Immediate Past President Jennifer Jones and President Gordon McInally, focuses on enhancing girls' safety, health, education, and well-being. Highlighting Rotary's commitment to basic human rights, the presentation covered the evolving role of the initiative, available resources for clubs, and actionable steps for deeper involvement.

Contact PDG Sandy Matsui to schedule a time for your club to experience this presentation.

For clubs inspired to support this cause, PDG Sandy Matsui is available to share insights and strategies on mobilizing resources and implementing projects that empower girls and women in their communities. Her presentation underscores the significant impact Rotary clubs can make by focusing on health, education, safety, and economic development, aiming to transform the lives of girls to become agents of positive change in their communities.

Rotarians are encouraged to invite PDG Sandy to club meetings for a deeper dive into empowering girls and to explore Rotary International's resources on this vital initiative. This call to action is not just about raising awareness but also about inspiring action that aligns with Rotary's areas of focus and avenues of service, creating lasting change in communities around the world.

In a recent enlightening session, Past District Governor Sandy Matsui shared her profound insights and the impactful journey of the Rotary's Empowering Girls Initiative. Launched during Shekhar Mehta's tenure as the 2021-22 Rotary International President, this initiative places a keen focus on improving futures for girls worldwide—recognizing the disproportionate challenges they face in education, health, and economic empowerment.

Hawaii Rotary District 5000 has embraced this call to action, actively integrating the initiative's goals within its community projects and global outreach efforts. PDG Sandy's presentation, delivered with passion and backed by Rotary International's robust framework, highlighted the critical need for targeted action to close the gender gap—a challenge exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, now estimated to take over a century to bridge.

The initiative, as PDG Sandy detailed, offers a multifaceted approach to empowerment, inviting clubs and members to engage in service projects that directly benefit girls' health, education, safety, and economic development. Through strategic partnerships and the diligent work of Empowering Girls ambassadors, Rotary District 5000 is making strides in advocating for and implementing projects that have a lasting impact on girls and their communities.

Call to Action:

We invite all Rotarians and friends of Rotary to join this transformative journey. Engage with the initiative by inviting PDG Sandy Matsui to your club meetings, exploring's resources on empowering girls, and collaborating on service projects that align with this critical mission. Together, we can amplify our impact and ensure that no girl is left behind.

Resources for Further Engagement:

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PDG Matsui's message is clear: the power of Rotary can significantly transform futures when focused on empowering girls. Let's rally together to support this noble cause, leveraging our collective resources, creativity, and dedication to make a difference in the lives of girls both in Hawaii and around the globe.

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