Rotarians are PEOPLE OF ACTION! Many clubs are jumping into action to help their families, friends and beneficiaries.
Kauai, Maui Oahu- Rotary Caremongers buddying up to help a club member or neighbor who is higher risk due to age, lowered immune system, self-isolating and need help getting groceries, supplies or other errands and delivering them to a garage or doorstep after carefully wiping down items. Kapaa Jakki is offering to the Elderly Affairs agency to provide assistance to their clients.  The Kauai clubs are in force offering assistance.  Kapolei Sunset is thinking of using grant funds for families that couldn't afford food due to a family member losing their job. The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers for their soup kitchen. Houseless persons that lost everything and are soaking wet are looking for blankets, tarps, towels and clothes.  The Blood Bank needs blood. 
The Rotary Club of Lahaina in cooperation with Sysco is donating $4000 in wholesale fresh produce (4400lbs.!), refrigerated, and frozen items to be donated to needy families via The Maui Food Bank.  Since the Maui Food Bank does not have storage for perishable items, Sysco is working with the club to keep these items in storage in their facilities until time of distribution. The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise is making a $1000 donation to the Maui Food Bank.  Additionally, this club
is purchasing 80-$25 gift cards from locally owned Island Grocery Depot to be distributed to West Mauians who have lost work due to the coronavirus crisis.  Additionally, several members have personally contributed extra cards, beyond the 80.  These will be distributed (mailed to recipients) over the next four weeks.  If the situation continues beyond that time, the club will continue the program. The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset is working with Dr. Rebecca Winkie, principal at Princess Nahienaena School, to help students and families in need who attend her school.
Lots of need out there.  Be safe and proud that we are Rotarians!
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