The Rotary d5000 Foundation (a 501 (c)(3) organization) is now accepting donations by credit card on the DONATE link below or checks can be mailed directly to the Foundation at 45-675 Luluku Road, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 96744. Please put "Puna Relief Fund" on the memo line.

Rotary is uniquely positioned to assist our friends and neighbors in Pahoa/Puna with not only immediate needs, but can take a longer view and address the far reaching consequences of this volcanic eruption. The lava intrusion isn't just about burning homes, there are many more problems that will need financial assistance in the future. Homes that didn't burn but are damaged by earthquakes. Homes that cannot be rebuilt because the land is under eight foot deep pahoehoe. Homes that cannot be occupied because access is blocked.

The disruption of the economic base of Pahoa, toxic fumes to nearby "unaffected" neighborhoods with toxic gas and the larger question of where a sizeable population can be relocated are just a few of the "down the road" consequences of this lava intrusion.

Please continue to help the Pahoa area with a donation to the Rotary Fund for Puna Lava Relief. This fund will be administered by the Rotary Club of Pahoa Sunset... the very people who know just what is needed because they are right there... on the ground.

Questions? Contact Mark Merriam, 808.381.5504.
Puna Volcano Relief Fund