Aloha Rotarians,

August is Membership & Extension Month!  One of the most exciting things that we do in Rotary is to share our organization, our passion and our commitment with like-minded individuals by inviting them to help us change the world.  Since July 1, we have welcomed almost 20 new members across the District!  Keep up the GREAT work!
Club VIsit at Rotary Pau HanaSharing our organization with prospective new members goes much further than inviting them to come to a meeting.  To share “who we are & what we do,” you need to invite people to join us on a community service project or to a networking event.  Nothing says ROTARY like slinging a paint brush!  Rotary is about action – and there is no better way to connect with great prospective members.
There are many ways to join in the celebration, but here are a few activities to get you started:
  • Say it loud, say it proud! Let everyone in your social network know that you are a proud member by using our District 5000 Rotarian campaign!  Just clicking on the link below will walk you through the process of adding a Rotarian wheel to your profile pictures!
  • Connect with me!  I like to share videos, photos and great stories of Rotary’s work around the District, and all over the world.  (
  • Watch and share. Download the RI Foundation “Rotary Smiles Video” and share it through social media and email
  • Exchange ideas. Do you have successful membership strategies that have worked well in your club? Create a Membership Best Practices Discussion Group within your club.
  • We Are Rotary. Using the hashtag #WeAreRotary, post photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Vine of your club members at work in your community or abroad to show how Rotary makes a positive impact in the world.
  • Making a difference. Rotary clubs are known for the high-impact service projects they undertake locally and globally. Share stories about your service projects and how these projects improve lives on Rotary Showcase. Be sure to follow RI on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what Rotary members around the world are doing to celebrate Membership Month.
  • Wear your Rotary Pin.  Don’t miss an opportunity to tell our story.  So many people ask me about my Rotary pin or the logo on my shirt.  It is such an easy way to open a conversation, or share a little about what we do.  Just don't forget to invite them to see what we do!
  • What does Rotary mean to you? Rotary members have pushed polio to the brink of eradication, delivered clean water to those in need, improved their local communities, provided scholarships to the next generation of peacemakers, and continued to do good in the world. SHARE YOUR STORY!

D5000 Polio Champion Challenge Update:

Polio Champion Medal 
I have exciting news about the D5000 Polio Champion Challenge!  As of July 28, we have had 108 District 5000 Rotarians commit to the Champion Challenge; a commitment of over $48,000!  WAY TO GO!
To date, we have 78 Bronze level donors, 12 Silver level Donors, and 18 Gold/Gold+ level donors!  What an outstanding show of support as we raise the final funds necessary to eradicate Polio ONCE AND FOR ALL!  I am so proud of the Rotarians and Clubs that have stepped up to the challenge to “Make this year the LAST year.  Our D5000 giving is already 36% to our total goal of $135,000 to the Polio Plus Fund. 
Now, let me brag about some of our clubs!  We already have 5 clubs that have exceeded their club goal of $2,650 – Well done Waikiki, Honolulu Downtown, Honolulu Sunrise, Volcano, and Waianae Coast!  Your generosity and Aloha Spirit never cease to amaze me.
As of July 28 our club rankings are:
HNL Downtown
HNL Sunrise
Waianae Coast
To find out more about the Polio Champion Challenge, go to OR to donate, go to
We are off to a great start in 2016/17.  Let’s make this year a record breaker in every way.  I look forward with you to a year of great accomplishments and of Rotary Serving Humanity.
Yours in service,
Clint Schroeder
District Governor 2016-17
D5000 Hawaii
Club Stories

Rotarian Thomas Hall attended the D5000 District Assembly on April 23, 2016, at Momilani Elementary school along with several other members of Waikiki Rotary. This was Thomas' first district assembly, and he eagerly participated in all sessions and to hear what all the presenters shared. He was interested to hear from the Hawaii Literacy Foundation and thought to himself, "How can I and the RC of Waikiki Help?" Thomas met with the Executive Director Suzanne Skjold, and this project was born.  Ms. Skjold requested some re-fit projects to their 6-year-old Bookmobile, including Solar Powered Electric Fans and shelving repairs. Thomas heard the calling, and just happens to be a Solar Power Expert! Thomas met with his club's board and asked for funding to do this project, parts at cost and no labor cost. Thomas received overwhelming approval.

The start of something new is always exciting - and so it is with each new Rotary year.  We associate the new year with an opportunity to change and turning over a new leaf.  It also provides an occasion to reflect - to look at the past, present and future.  Our lives are full of significant dates for celebrating - from birthdays to anniversaries, to holidays and milestones.  July 1st, Rotary’s New Year, is a time to look at our clubs and district, to celebrate what we have accomplished up to today and what we envision for our future.
The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset’s “Go Green Third Saturday” recycling project ended a successful first year in June, proving that committed community partnerships and dedicated volunteers can make a difference.
A friend asks, "Why are we in Rotary?" First of all, Rotarians have a very strong sense of belonging.  Not only do we thrive on long-term friendships; we eagerly welcome new members and encourage their involvement in our activities.  We’re a happy group and have lots of fun together.   We also are passionate about our mission as Rotarians and are serious about our motto "Service Above Self." 
It seems we are a group of super achievers.  We like to get things done!  We are selective in choosing our undertakings.  We want our time, energy, talent and resources to result in improving lives, especially for those in need, so we do our initial decision-making and planning with care.  Once we decide on a project, we work tirelessly to achieve positive results. We, the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset, have been involved in many projects, both large and small; alone and in concert with others.  Here are some of these projects.
Rotary of Volcano is a small rural club on the island of Hawai`i.  With the purchase of our Rotary-Rotary chicken machine about 6 years ago we have been able to raise funds not for only our club, but also for other non-profit organizations in our community. The funds our club netted have been used for student scholarships, international donations and operational costs. Other beneficiary organizations include Ka`u High School, Volcano School of Arts and Sciences, Volcano's community center, and the Volcano Art Center. An upcoming fundraiser is planned to support the local animal sanctuary.
Our intrepid machinist, Roger Schweitzer, keeps the  rotisserie on wheels alive and the rest of the club members keep the operation running smoothly.  Of course, the roasted chickens taste great and always sell out.   It's definitely an anticipated event for a small community far from many commercial conveniences. 

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