At Rotary, we have no tolerance for racism. Promoting respect, celebrating diversity, demanding ethical leadership, and working tirelessly to advance peace are central tenets of our work.

We have more work to do to create more just, open and welcoming communities for all people.We know there are no easy fixes and that challenging conversations and work lie before all of us. Rotary’s strength has long been our ability and commitment to bringing people together. We will tap into that strength now as we stand with those who are working for peace and justice. 

Rotary will do our part to listen, learn and take action to ensure that we continue to contribute to making positive change.

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July 2020
Eco Tip of the Month


Hawaii gets most of its energy from burning oil, coal, and trash. If you have solar on your roof, use energy in the daytime as much as possible. If you only have solar panels, that energy will run through your house before getting sent to the grid. By shifting your energy use, such as doing laundry and running AC to the daytime, you will reduce your carbon footprint and save money by being self-reliant.

This also applies if you have solar batteries. By using energy during the day, you reduce your chances of running out of energy in the middle of the night and having to buy energy from the grid. If you’re on HECO’s Smart Export program, you can only sell energy back to the grid after 4pm. If your battery fills up before 4pm, you’re not using your excess energy and you can’t sell it, so it gets wasted.

This TIP was facilitated by Jacob Roberts, Consultant for Sunrun and Member of Eco Rotary Club of Kaka’ako. Website:

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Inspiring Peace Through Service—Our Stories
Help for Kupuna Project: As you may know, there are many seniors and those with disabilities that are living alone and/or are unable to get out for groceries.  We have an opportunity to be of service to them by:
1. Call Center Coverage, taking call-in grocery orders.
2. Outbound calls to kupuna to provide the human touch to see if they are ok
3. Delivering Groceries to kupuna
4. Manning Curbside food box pick up from Times or Foodland
5. Getting the word out to those who would benefit from this service
If you are interested in volunteering, please go to  There will be training sessions to prepare you.
If you want to refer those in need to this service, they can sign up at :
     The outbound calls and Call Center coverage for grocery orders are done with your phone from the convenience of your home or office.  The grocery orders are pre-paid and done either via a "GRAMMI" app or by calling the Call Center.  You can volunteer to deliver groceries, which  requires a background check to participate.  The grocery delivery service is already being done by Kupuna Kokua and partner, Help Is One The Way. 
Link to the June 14th information session:
Rotarians are PEOPLE OF ACTION! Many clubs are jumping into action to help their families, friends and beneficiaries.
*Kauai, Maui Oahu- Rotary Caremongers buddying up to help a club member or neighbor who is higher risk due to age, lowered immune system, self-isolating and need help getting groceries, supplies or other errands and delivering them to a garage or doorstep after carefully wiping down items.  
Oahu: our Community Desperately Needs Blood Donors! Please call the Blood Bank of Hawaii at (808) 848-4770 with questions and to schedule an appointment in April or May.  You can also make an appointment online, at when you select “find a blood drive”. Appointments are available at locations in Honolulu, Kailua, Kaneohe, Waikele and Kapolei.   Please indicate you are donating on behalf of Group Code 3010 - Eco Rotary  so we can track and report on our progress
Lots of need out there.  Be safe and proud that we are Rotarians! Please add your story on what your club is doing during this time of need.  Log in to the website and click the Comment button right under the Article title and add your comment.
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July 10, 6pm- Carbon Neutrality Challenge
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