Spring is here! Time to raise your Rotary I.Q. and learn more about this amazing organization called Rotary. Join one or all, it's up to you. Great learning opportunity and the added bonus is meeting wonderful Rotarians from across the State! Click "Read More" to view the flyer.
RI President Holger Knaack’s theme for 2020-21 is Rotary Opens Opportunities. Rotarians create opportunities that strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action and improve the lives of those in need. The world needs Rotary now more than ever. It is up to us to make sure that Rotary Opens Opportunities for generations to come.
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April 2021
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Eco Tip of the Month
Switch to Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Pods 
     Compared with instant coffee, filter coffee has the worst environmental impact, cup for cup, often having leftovers that get thrown away. Recent studies show pod brewing machines are often more efficient in water, bean, and electricity consumption. No matter the material type, all disposable coffee pods create waste and environmental impact. Tens of billions of non-reusable, non-recyclable plastic pods have been made and trashed, and the number continues to grow. These single-use pods end up in landfills, incinerators, and our ocean. The pre-ground coffee inside is questionable in quality and often comes out weak.  
     Luckily there is a waste-free option in reusable coffee pods made of stainless steel. Stainless steel reusable pods start at ~$7 and give you the opportunity to use your favorite Hawaiian grown coffee, to switch between roast flavors, and to control the strength in each cup. Switching to stainless steel reusable pods you’ll enjoy saving water, electricity, and money, all while lowering environmental impacts with each cup of magic bean water (aka coffee).  
     This tip was facilitated by April Bullis, Oahu Service Manager at Pono Home and Eco Rotary Club of Kakaako Foundation Chair. www.ecorotary.org 
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Inspiring Peace Through Service—Our Stories
Rotarians, take the pledge to promote peace by adding your name to the blog. Log in to rotaryd5000.org and click on the Comments bubble at the top of this story and enter your name and club name. 
Click the Read More button for names of those who have taken the pledge.

Wednesday's at Noon:  Waikiki Rotary. Meeting ID: 886 3751 5841. Password: FUNCLUB

Wednesday's: Kihei-Wailea Zooms, Wednesday's at Noon:  email Dennis Bagshaw for codes at President@RCKW.org  
Thursday's at 6pm: E-Club of Hawaii Happ-E Hour at 6pm: https://zoom.us/j/98099253328. Meeting ID 980 9925 3328
Upcountry Maui, Fridays at 8am: Meeting ID: 775 6728 9666, Password: 032672. Phone#408-638-0968
District DEI Task Force, 1st Tuesday at 5:30pm
Rotary Marketplace, 1st Tuesday at 7pm
District Youth Service meeting, 2nd Tuesday at 5:30pm
District Environment Focus Group, Third Tuesday each month at 6pm. 
District Young Professionals Networking, 3rd Wednesday at 6pm
D5000 Rotary webinar recordings are available for your viewing live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at rotary.org:  https://learn.rotary.org/members/learn/catalog
Date and TimeWebinar TopicRecommended Audience:
4/5, Mon 7pmPresident, President-ElectsPresident & PE Training
4/8. 6:30pmRidge to Reef PlanningCommunity Service Chairs
4/10, Sat 9am-NoonSpring Training AssemblyAll Rotarians
4/10, Sat 2-3:30pmYouth Service & ToastmastersInteractors
4/17, SatSpring Training AssemblyAll Rotarians
4/20, Tue, 6pmEnvironment D5000 Focus groupAll interested
4/21, Wed 6pmYoung Professionals NetworkAll interested
4/24, SatRotarians at Work 
5/1, Sat, 9-NoonPeace ForumEveryone invited
5/3, Mon 7pmPresident/PE TransitionPresident & PE s
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Contact us at Phone # 808 536-8778
Mail: Rotary District 5000,
                             P.O. Box 3325, Honolulu, HI  96801                                            
Far West PETS Training Seminar:
Information on Rotary Zones 26 & 27:
Information on Rotary International:

RI Convention

Celebrating RC of Hilo's 100 years 
May 14-16, 2021
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